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Our CPA services

We offer a range of accounting, tax, attest, and CPA services and can assemble a multidisciplinary team to meet your diverse needs.

Tax Services

POSI annually prepares hundreds of tax returns for individuals, various types of businesses, trusts, and tax-exempt entities. We also provide a variety of tax planning and consulting services.Changes in tax laws are one of the few constants of American life. Every change adds a new layer of complexity to an already complicated process. At POSI, our tax consultants work full time to keep up with these changes. We develop strategies to help you take advantage of benefits within the tax law and reduce your tax burden.
Our experienced tax experts are ready to offer you assistance in the following areas to maintain your compliance with your statutory return, disclosure and documentary obligations.
  • Corporate Tax
  • Individual Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Partnership Tax
  • Estate & Trust Tax
  • Form 1099/1042
We offer a range of accounting, tax, attest, and CPA services and can assemble a multidisciplinary team to meet your diverse needs.

International Tax

We have been advising and consulting Japanese based companies and individual investors on their tax situation for over 30 years. Besides an array of employees with diversified background and experiences such as extensive experience with Japanese start-ups, international transaction involving Japanese multinational companies. As one method to achieve this, we have partnered with international accounting firms to utilize their vast worldwide resources. Therefore, POSI though relatively small in size can provide “big accounting firm” services through our affiliates.

Compilations and Preparations of Financial Statements

Since POSI is an organization dedicated to serving its clients close to home, it does not provide third-party financial statement auditing or review services, but it does provide financial statement preparation and compilation services in accordance with U.S. GAAP for its clients.

Compilation of financial statements involves CPAs using their accounting and financial reporting expertise to assist management in the preparation of financial statements and provide a CPA-engaged report on that work, but does not provide third-party verification of the financial statements or grant them credibility.

If you require an audit or review, we can refer you to Hotta Liesenberg Saito LLP or work with an auditing firm of your choice.

Internal Policies and Rules Support

Accounting policies are important, as they set a framework, which all companies follow, and provide comparable and consistent standard financial statements across years and relative to other companies. We can help you establish accounting policies, accounting flow, and internal reporting rules.

Business Restructuring and Liquidation

In order for business restructuring and liquidation to proceed economically, without falling into unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to obtain qualified advice in advance on both legal and tax matters. Relying on our extensive experience, we will work closely with the lawyer in charge of your affairs.

Financial Planning and Investment Advice

Financial Planning is the process of framing objectives, policies, procedures, programs, and budgets regarding the financial activities of a concern. This ensures effective and adequate financial and investment policies. Our services include advising and managing funds for individuals and companies and making well-timed investment decisions that result in portfolio growth.

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