The U.S. is on pace for a soft landing, but risks remain - As falling inflation and rising real wages offset dwindling excess savings and tighter credit conditions, moderate consumption growth should carry the U.S. economy to a soft landing. That said, with a U.S. election on the horizon, higher policy rates and elevated geopolitical tension, risks remain that could knock the U.S. economy off its steady path.
The assessment of the U.S. economic landscape for the 4th quarter of 2023 presents a nuanced perspective on critical factors shaping the year ahead. Exploring elements such as employment, inflation, global growth, and market performance, the analysis provides valuable insights into the complex dynamics influencing the economic and investment landscape in 2024.
As the business grows and expands, it may create a nexus in other states, requiring the company to file tax returns in multiple states. Here, we will discuss how taxable income is allocated or apportioned in several states.
Despite being better than expected, the risk of an economic recession lingers for the second quarter of 2023 in the US economy and stock market. In this review, we will examine various aspects, including the labor market, inflation, Fed tightening cycle, and other countries' economies.