Fracta, Inc.

Takashi Kato, Founder of Fracta, Inc. Fracta is a company that specializes in using AI to assess the condition of water distribution networks and predict the likelihood of water main breaks and other infrastructure issues. Fracta earned Innovation Award from American Water Works Association in 2022. Previously, Mr. Kato was a Co-founder & CFO of […]

Charlotte Kate Fox

Charlotte Kate Fox Actress and Musician, known for her leading role in the NHK drama series ‘Massan’ and starring in the Broadway musical ‘Chicago,’ among other achievements in the United States and Japan. I was able to wholeheartedly pursue my acting career with confidence and joy, thanks to the precise and trustworthy services I received […]

Marukome USA, Inc.

Takeshi Azuma, President Marukome USA, Inc., Spreading the power of fermentation that Japan should be proud of to the world The mission of Marukome is to contribute to healthy lifestyles of consumers in the world through Japan’s ancient fermentation technology. Since 2007 when we built a factory on the West Coast of the United States, […]