Accounting for Company Closure and Reestablishment

Our client was eager to make a second attempt at entering the U.S. market. Their Japanese headquarters sought to re-establish a U.S. subsidiary in a more efficient and cost-effective way than their first attempt.

Expatriate Payroll Processing

Our client, a holding company with 30 expatriates and three local employees was suffering under the burden of complicated payroll processing. Japanese salaries and non-monetary salaries had to be grossed up along with U.S. salaries.

Accounting for Manufacturing and Business Expansion

Our client, with five expatriates and 20 local employees, needed to relocate offices due to their business expansion. After that, our client established a factory, and their business shifted to manufacturing and sales.

With limited staff time, Resources and Technology

A relatively new wholesale distribution company, a subsidiary of a well-known Japanese corporation, found that with the company growing so rapidly they were falling behind in their bookkeeping and only doing what was required.

Virtual Office Support

Our client, a successful Japanese medical equipment manufacturer, needed to compete locally in an increasingly competitive U.S. market.