Accounting & Payroll Outsourcing

The Environment and Issues that Surround Businesses

  • Want to control expenses in non-production (overhead) departments
  • Fixed costs are rising due to the rising cost of health insurance and other benefits
  • Internal reforms are difficult, although there seems to be a lot of waste
  • Given the size of the company, is it necessary to have an independent accounting department?
  • As a start-up company, we want to concentrate on sales/production activities
  • Want to strengthen internal control by division of labor
  • High turnover rate makes it difficult to retain accounting staff
  • Unable to secure qualified accountants
  • Training is time-consuming and interferes with daily operations
  • Need an accounting expert to check financial statements
  • Accurate and timely reporting is required by the head office in Japan
  • Difficulty in responding to changes in accounting standards

Benefits of Our Outsourcing

Effective Use of Your Resources

Release of back-office processes increases performance in core businesses.

Access to Expertise and Quality

Highly trained and licensed accounting professionals experienced in a variety of business are available for you and your company.

Flexibility to Meet Changing Needs

We can help fill your needs when you need it.

Ensure a Stable Manpower

Outsourcing will allow you to avoid turnover problems, staff time off, and repeat of recruiting and training.

Stay Ahead with Evolving Technology

We work with leading technology partners to tailor to your own unique needs.

Cost and Time Savings

You access to a wider range of skill sets, knowledge, and a deeper bench for you to receive services as needed without necessary cost to maintain full time workforce.

Accounting & Payroll Outsourcing

401(k) Administration
We can serve as your colleagues and guides, offering our talent, accounting and payroll expertise, and use of technology, to deliver better results for you and your organization so that you can concentrate on your core competencies and achieving your goals.Whether you are looking to outsource your entire accounting and payroll function, augment your existing team, or transform your current approach, we can help.


U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)s and experience accountants will take the lead and help you with your accounting work.
We undertake full or partial accounting work. Our expert analysis and operational optimization is efficient, accurate, and responsive to changing accounting standards.
Monthly and Year-end Closing
We provide adjustment sorting, trial balance, and financial statement preparation services to close the books and provide you with an overview of the monthly and annual performance in a timely manner. We will assist you in preparing reports and communicating with parent and affiliated companies.
Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR)
From billing to payment, we’ll handle your sales process from end-to-end, allowing you to focus your time and effort on your core business activities.
Audit Support
Our Experienced professionals support the following audit response operations that require quick and timely action:
  • Comprehending and explaining the outline of the audit procedure
  • Compiling accounting and financial information to be submitted to the auditor
  • Support for creating accounting procedure cycles and flow manuals
  • Preparation of supporting documents for financial information required by the auditor
  • Preparing to respond to inquiries from the auditor
Consolidated Financial Report Support
We can summarize the financial information necessary to reflect the financial results of your U.S. subsidiaries in the consolidated financial report of your parent company. We reduce burdens on our clients and their parent companies by reporting in Japanese.

Payroll Process Outsourcing

Preparing payroll and keeping up with the latest labor laws consume time better spent on your core business activities. Let us handle your payroll and HR needs. Although we do not offer legal advice or consulting services, we are prepared to help you efficiently implement corporate HR rules and policies.
Payroll Processing & Gross-Up Calculation for Expatriates
Our online time and attendance system helps you manage working hours, labor costs, paid leave more, according to your company’s rules. In addition to online input, we also offer contact or non-contact terminals.
Time and Labor Management System
We provide automated time and attendance software systems along with workforce management services that will help you control payroll costs, maximize productivity, and manage accruals.
HR Management System
Our online solutions can be used for data entry, data tracking, and data management of your human resources operations.
Affordable Care Act Compliance
We track employee measurement, administration, eligible, and ineligible stability periods to determine which employees are entitled to a benefit offer. We also can generate 1094-C/1095-C documents for IRS annual reporting.
401(k) Administration

Our services include the creation of employee contribution files and submitting contributions online.

POSI Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution

Mobile Application “HCMToGo”

  • Recruiting, HR, timekeeping, scheduling, payroll, and more
  • Single-source access to all employee data
  • Streamline HR administration and simplify compliance so you focus on people, not processes

Tax Compliance & CPA Services

Our experienced tax experts are ready to offer you assistance in the following areas to maintain your compliance with your statutory return, disclosure and documentary obligations.
  • Corporate Tax
  • Individual Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Partnership Tax
  • Estate & Trust Tax
  • Form 1099/1042
We offer a range of accounting, tax, attest, and CPA services and can assemble a multidisciplinary team to meet your diverse needs.

Customer Success Stories

Our successful customer story
Our client, a holding company with 30 expatriates and three local employees was suffering under the burden of complicated payroll processing. Japanese salaries and non-monetary salaries had to be grossed up along with U.S. salaries.