Fracta, Inc.

Takashi Kato, Founder of Fracta, Inc.

Fracta is a company that specializes in using AI to assess the condition of water distribution networks and predict the likelihood of water main breaks and other infrastructure issues. Fracta earned Innovation Award from American Water Works Association in 2022.

Previously, Mr. Kato was a Co-founder & CFO of SCHAFT Inc., the humanoid robotics startup which was awarded first prize at the 2013 U.S. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Robotics Challenge Trials. SCHAFT was acquired by Google in the same year.

POSI is a very important presence in my business career. I co-founded a human-like robot venture called SCHAFT in Japan and sold it to Google of U.S.   After that as one my challenges, I established Fracta in Silicon Valley and received the “Innovation Award” from the American Water Works Association. However, doing business in the United States was never easy.In particular, accounting and tax related operations and management were complex and challenging aspects of expanding business overseas. Employee turnover was high, and it was not uncommon for accounting personnel to suddenly resign. Accounting tasks in English were quite challenging for me, and I needed a reliable accounting expert.That’s when I met POSI and had the opportunity to work with their excellent professionals. A lady assigned to us from POSI was extremely logical, patient, and a reliable professional who responded promptly. Thanks to her, my company was able to smoothly conduct its operations, and our business in the United States expanded successfully.From my experience in the United States, I can say that the key to business success is to focus on your own work and have reliable partners to support you. POSI is that reliable partner, and their representatives have been invaluable to me. Without their support, my business would not have succeeded.POSI offers a unique value for Japanese small and startup companies looking to expand their business in the United States. I have hired many accounting professionals in the past, but none were as excellent as POSI’s representative. POSI’s staff is truly exceptional.I am founding a new company and continuing on the path of being a serial entrepreneur. I rely on the support of POSI’s representative for this new challenge as well. Having such a reliable partner is essential to the success of my business.Lastly, I believe POSI is a fantastic resource that contributes to Japan’s national interests. From my experience, I can say that having a reliable partner is crucial for success, and POSI is the perfect partner. I highly recommend POSI.