Virtual Office Support

Our client, a successful Japanese medical equipment manufacturer, needed to compete locally in an increasingly competitive U.S. market.

The Problem

U.S. sales were declining due to increasing competition from local traders and manufacturers. Our client recognized that doing business remotely from Japan was no longer effective, as U.S. customers preferred local vendors when all other conditions were equal. Establishing a subsidiary was cost-prohibitive, considering legal, rent, consulting, human resources, and tax expenses.

Our Solution

After consulting with POSI, our client learned that we could cut their estimated costs in half by providing the following:

• Virtual office support (use of POSI address)

• Processing and reporting of payroll, payments, and billing

• Bookkeeping

• Tax processing and reporting

• Comprehensive accounting services

The Results

We helped our client establish its U.S. subsidiary within a month. Our client was able to launch U.S. operations with one expatriate from their parent company, without needing to lease an office. As a result, their U.S. business has been profitable and growing ever since.

Related Case Studies

Our client, a holding company with 30 expatriates and three local employees was suffering under the burden of complicated payroll processing. Japanese salaries and non-monetary salaries had to be grossed up along with U.S. salaries.