There are many benefits from outsourcing including improved performance, profitability, and shareholder value. More specifically, these benefits include:

Reduction of Employee Related Expenses and Issues

The cost of hiring your own employee do not just comprise of salary, but other direct costs such as payroll taxes, workers compensation, medical insurance, retirement plans and other benefits. Additionally, there are other issues such as hiring the right person for the job, training, turnover, scheduling, and human resources.

Gained Access to Expertise in Multiple Fields

By outsourcing, you have access to the expertise of seasoned professionals with years of experience in a variety of specialized functions. You have access to this talent for far less than the cost of hiring comparable employees.

Achieved Cost Efficiencies

You can help eliminate unnecessary operating costs while reducing and bringing other administrative costs under better control.

Greater Internal Flexibility

Management can focus on strategic issues and initiatives with more flexibility to assign staff and allocate resources to high-value projects.

Gained Access to Advanced Technology

You can implement leading-edge enterprise systems to support the business processes, with lower capital investments and training costs.

An Increased Focus on Core Business

Management is free to focus more time, energy, and resources into building the company's core business. POSI will assume full responsibility for managing the day-to-day back-office operations.