Case 5:
Communication and inquiries in English / Restaurant chain (approximately 30 employees)

Reasons for introduction

Poor customer service
• Calls are passed around but never answered.
• The person who attends to the call is different every time, so the situation must be explained each time.

Difficulty communicating
• Communication in English is acceptable under normal circumstances. However, it is preferable that questions regarding complex tax matters, etc., be explained in Japanese.

• The head office in Japan cannot understand the explanations on payroll calculation for Japanese expatriates.

Service details

Appointment of an in-charge person
• We appoint a person in charge of your payroll administration to facilitate effective communication regarding administrative issues and inquiries.
• If the person in charge is not available, a customer contact sheet is used to communicate the situation to anyone who takes over as an assistant.

Japanese language support
• We explain complex tax matters, etc., in Japanese.
• We can also answer questions directly from the Japanese head office and help them to better understand the U.S. payroll processing system.

Details of Outsourcing business

Comprehensive payroll calculation process
• Biweekly payroll calculation and direct salary deposits with banks
• Quarterly federal/state tax payment and reporting
• Annual federal/state tax payment and reporting (including W2 filing)

Effect of introduction

The company understood the U.S. payroll calculation better and achieved smoother operation.

• Hours spent on bi-monthly payroll calculation were dramatically reduced, and the freed time can now be spent on personnel administration.
• Communication between Japan and the U.S. (head office and branch) has improved.
• Operational efficiency was improved simply by changing the agent, without having to incur substantial cost increases.