Case 4:
New company establishment / Import and export business (Approx. 3 employees)

Reasons for introduction

From the time of company establishment, they would like to outsource the accounting
- They do not know what is a suitable US accounting processing rule for a new business company.
- Their business has not reached such scale as to employ full time staff who has accounting knowledge and experience.
- They do not know what is the best kind of accounting system to use.

Service details

Consultation and business reconstruction:
- A consultant of our company decided on the accounting processing rule.

Introduction of accounting system:
- We selected and introduced the system that best conforms to the customer.

Construction of outsourcing operational system:
- Every week for approximately 1 day, one of our company staff visits the customer’s office and does business processing.
- With the in house operational system which is done inside our company, proposed a mail based business management method.

Details of Outsourcing business

Book keeping business:
- Voucher creation, voucher input, creation of monthly trial balance chart, creation of monthly management chart

Receipts and disbursements business:
- Payment processing and deposit processing

Credit and debt/liabilities management:
- Clean up operation

Balance sheet business:
- Balance sheet correction processing, Creation of subject statement of items sheet, Creation of additional statements

Accounting system maintenance:

Effect of introduction

With consistent outsourcing from startup to operation of the accounting which accompanies “new company establishment,” it succeeds in business operations.
- We smoothly completed the creation of regulations and the like. Because they were able to minimize the burden of administrative work, they were able to focus their attention on the sales side.
- By extensively outsourcing accounting processing business duties, they did not have the burden of hiring and training personnel related to the accounting section.