Case 3:
We would like to devote to our core business / Food related manufacturing company (Approximately 35 employees)

Reasons for introduction

We would like for the regular employees to give undivided attention to the core business.
- The high costing regular employees worked long overtime during the busy time, thus labor cost has been high
- There are a lot of routine work in the business of claim management which the regular employees are doing, and would like them to focus their attention on higher level business.

Service details

Consultation and Business reconstruction:
- Investigated the details of the business duties which the out sourcing is desired, and decided the business processing rule.
- Created the standard operational procedure book.

Construction of outsourcing operational system:
- With the in house operational system which is done inside our company, proposed a mail based business management method.

Details of Outsourcing business

Credit and debt/liabilities management:
- Clean up operation of account receivable, business duties of collation of bank account, voucher filing.

Effect of introduction

The employees gave undivided attention to the core business and Cost was reduced:
- Work load during the month levels out, and the business duties stabilizes.
- Routine work is reduced and cost effectiveness improves.