Release from the labor of hiring and training / Communication service
(Approximately 50 employees)

Reasons for introduction

We would like to release the labor of hiring and training:
- A temporary employee was employed for part of the business, but there were many turnovers of the temporary employee. For each hiring, too much time was required for training and guidance, and it has become inefficient.

Service details

Construction of outsourcing operational system:
- Investigated possible outsource able business, and serviced the business processing rules.
- With the in house operational system which is done inside our company, proposed a mail based business management method:
- Receipt of documented evidence through mail.
- Data entry and business processing inside our company including monthly balance sheet of accounts processing.
- -Mail delivery of data, reports and the like.

Details of Outsourcing business

Book-keeping business
- Creation of vouchers, voucher input.

Receipts and disbursements business
- payment processing and deposit processing.

Effect of introduction

There is no labor of staff hiring and training:
- Because the temporary staff inside the company was reduced, it was possible to use the operations that was being used for management for other businesses.

Cost reduction:
- By removing the time taken for hiring and training, cost reduction was attained.