Business improvement for cost reduction / IT rerated enterprise (Approximately 30 employees)

Reasons for introduction

Cost Reduction:
- They do not have the business quantity to employ a full time person in charge, and they can not afford to spend the labor cost for one person.
- They would like to reduce, even a little, the facility expenses related to location of business, computers, and the like.

Service detailsĀ 

Consultation and Business reconstruction:
- To streamline and reduce costs, business processing rule was standardized.

Construction of outsourcing operational system:
- Began investigation of possible business that can be outsourced.
- Proposed the in house operational system regarding the business that will be done within our company. Serviced the operational rules of things such as the exchanging of evidence documents and data, and the monthly schedule.
- To the system inside our company, prepared the environment of customer business.

Details of Outsourcing business

Book keeping business:
- Voucher creation, voucher input, creation of monthly trial balance chart, creation of monthly management chart

Receipts and disbursements business:
- Payment processing and deposit processing

Credit and debt/liabilities management:
- Clean up operation

Balance sheet business:
- Balance sheet correction processing, Creation of subject statement of items sheet, Creation of additional statements

Accounting system maintenance:

Effect of introduction

Succeeded in cost reduction:
- Without having to use a accounting manager staff, they were able to reduce labor costs.
- The necessity to prepare the work space inside the company was gone.
- By adopting the in house outsourcing, they were able to utilize the accounting system of our company, and they were able to introduce the system without a big investment.